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Case studies

Using a participatory process, over 50 researchers were invited to submit a full proposal before the end of June 2006. This was after over 90 researchers from 33 countries in Latin America, Asia and Africa responded to the initial call for abstracts in which the following guidelines had to be met:

  1. Priority was given to case-studies from rural areas. We aimed at having a good geographical (e.g. mountainous, riverine, savannah) and thematic diversity in the case-studies.
  2. One of the goals of the programme is to demonstrate strong linkages to the MDGs, especially, but not limited to, the reduction of maternal mortality. We are interested in addressing maternal health problems through transport interventions in a wide sense to encourage innovation.
  3. Every case study has to involve a gender component (combined with gender-segregated data). Preference is given to those case-studies that include vulnerable groups (e.g. people with disabilities, refugees/IDPs, people living with HIV/AIDS).
  4. The programme aimed to have a gender balance among the researchers, therefore women or gender-balanced teams are especially encouraged to apply.  
  5. Case-studies on community-based initiatives were especially welcome to highlight lesser-known initiatives which will help identify additional knowledge gaps.  The programme aims at striking a balance between these and well-established initiatives, enabling the project to evaluate their impact and assess the lessons learned which will bridge the existing gaps.
  6. Researchers from developing countries were given priority.

After a full review process the programme has selected 24 case-studies -7 from Latin America, 9 from Africa and 8 from Asia to cover a variety of aspects, angles and issues in the links between mobility and health. The case studies and biographies of each researcher are divided by region - please click on the case study sub-menu to the left to view these pages.


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